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VoIP Business Phone Systems

Your Best Choice for Business Phone Systems in NW Indiana

For many, your phone system is the gateway to your business. You need a system that provides a great customer experience and helps route calls efficiently and quickly.

AJD Tech, provides best in class modern cloud hosted VoIP Business Phone Systems to clients of all sizes. Our systems are especially suited for a mobile workforce or for work from home staff. Our hosted phone systems can serve up extensions anywhere you might have an internet connection including via an app on your smart phone. Call clients on smart phone while caller shows the call coming from your office phone number.

Our systems are incredibly feature rich yet your costs for phone service will likely be much cheaper that what you could get through AT&T, Comcast, or any other of the major providers and don’t worry we can port your number in and out just the same as them.

If you would like to see a professional top of the line phone system, contact us today and we will evaluate your needs and come up with a system that is right for you!

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